Social Media Guru Robbed After Using Foursquare

Social media experts across the planet were shocked when they learned that one of their own was robbed after using Foursquare, the location-based social networking game.  It seems that the new service is to blame. helps robbers locate…
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the anatomy of a google buzz crisis

Cartoon. Princess Tweep announces Google Buzz to the tweeple and averts a major public relations disaster. Day 1: twibe members, as of today, all privacy has been eliminated from the kingdom. i suggest you put on some clean underwear. thank you. Day 2: twibe members, apparently, we didn’t realize that privacy was important. personally, we think you’re being too sensitive. Day 3:…

Sometimes work is just work. Ya know?

Seth Godin says that life’s too short to phone it in. He says, “In fact, I don’t think there is a relationship between what you do and how important you think the work is. I think there’s a relationship between who you are and how important you think the work is.” Yeah, ok, whatever. #nothingnew #just sayin’ #canusaypompous