Social Media Guru of the Month – Sign up today!

Is your social media guru getting a little stale?

Is he or she starting to repeat himself?

Is he filling the void with too much hot air and not enough new thinking about social?

Is she talking more about how she ‘tweets up’ with #rockstar tweeps like @unmarketing, @dannybrown or @lizstrauss than she is about your business issues?

Well, at PrincessTweep Laboratory, we’ve got the solution!

Starting now, for a low monthly fee of only $99, you can refresh your guru every month with our new service Social Media Guru of the Month.

It’s kind of like renting a handbag but instead of a Chloe you get a Guru!

Or for those of you who never heard of a Chloe, it’s like signing up for the beer for the month club – you drink what they’ve got to offer and when you’re done you throw them away!

What could be more thrilling than knowing that just as you tire of your Guru, a new one is on the way! Better yet, all of our gurus are available by SKYPE 24/7 – so you never have to actually go out of YOUR way to get their advice!

In fact, some like to say that is the of social media – endless dating without the annoying hassles of the long term commitment.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a specific need? You can choose from a variety of subspecialties: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Friendster, and much, much more!  You can be more effective and spend more time on the golf course when you’ve got your Social Media Guru of the Month ready at your beck and call to answer your most pressing questions such as:

  • Does my company really need a social media strategy?
  • What’s the ROI on social media?
  • How can I tell a real social media guru from a phony one?
  • Has Zuck crossed over to the dark side?
  • Is Fivecircle the next Foursquare?

But wait, there’s more! Much More!

For an additional $49 a month, we’ll send you two gurus a month. In total, that’s only $74 per guru per month. Just imagine what you can do with two gurus! The possibilities are endless!

But wait, there’s EVEN more! Just sign-up today and we’ll throw in a complimentary 2011 Men of Social Media Calendar when they come out. Regardless of your orientation, there is something for everyone! And, if you’re asking yourself is she serious? Are our guys really “calendar grade?” Can they compete with the US Men’s Soccer Team? Judging from what we’ve seen — they sure can!!  In fact, we suspect that more than a few gals and guys will be wondering – “So is @PeteCashmore really as good looking as his avatar picture? I wonder what he’s wearing in the calendar?” or “why haven’t I been following @scottharrison?”

So what are you waiting for???? Call now for instant delivery. Or find us online at and review the profiles of our gurus for free!

Money back guarantee. Postage and handling extra. We take PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, iPad 3Gs, Androids and other assorted bribes.


  1. Danny Brown

    Can I pay in installments of installments to make sure I like the guru you send? There are millions of them from what I hear, so I’d like to choose please 🙂

  2. Liz Strauss

    But wait!! If I sign up tomorrow will you throw in a Twitter Coach for free (shipping and handling not included)?

  3. princess tweep (Post author)

    Ah, Danny, for you, anything. But, please note, we have a money back guarantee. So no fears, charge on and we’ll send out your guru right away. 🙂

  4. princess tweep (Post author)

    Liz, our supply of Twitter coaches is quite limited right now #argh. I’ve got a few that just got on Twitter last week — would they do? After all, anyone can be a Twitter coach, non?

  5. WANFRadio

    This is a fabulous bargain! I love the bonuses and the extras! But the guarantee leaves me cold; I am divorced and no longer believe in guarantees. However, I do believe in assurances.

    Would my Social Media Guru of the Month Come up with assurances?

  6. brian tannebaum

    This is a real game changer and is changing the game. I think the only thing that would be better would be an “early adopter” discount and a “thought leader” bonus. If it takes off, I can see a special package being sold to every unemployed Starbucks dweller waiting in line for a new iPhone.

  7. princess tweep (Post author)

    @kay – i assure you, if you sign up for social media guru of the month, you will not be disappointed! and, like I said earlier, if you don’t like this month’s guru, just trade him in!

    @brian i love the idea of the early adopter discount. so, I’ll give you an extra 10% off if you participate in the beta. Sound good?

  8. Mark Bennett

    It’s a good start, but what I want is to be able to switch gurus as soon as I get bored with them.

    It’d be like the Chatroulette of gurus.

  9. Leslie Kerr

    I hereby apply to be a guru. I am eminently qualified: Been tweeting/blogging for 6 months and have owned an iphone for almost 2 weeks. I don’t use foursquare, flikr, delicious or others, but I can fill at least a month so the next guru will be on the hook. What will my cut of the monthly fee be?

  10. princess tweep (Post author)

    @mark – we have a purely digital based program coming out next month. stay tuned. I have a feeling this will be exactly what you need!

    @leslie – since you’ve had the iphone for 2 weeks, I’ll put you down as a mobile specialist. Sound good?

  11. Leslie Kerr

    @PrincessTweep, I am so excited, I have already updated my resume! I’ll have my lawyer call your lawyer to negotiate my employment agreement.

  12. Jim Connolly

    Just wanted to say hi, so that I could be; “part of the conversation!”

    Great post Princess!

  13. Janet

    Will they promise to build me a following that spans the universe AND make me famous?

  14. Brent Pohlman

    Wow – This is the first sight of it’s kind. I am surprised that more people have not told me about this site. Great Post! I see lots of my friends here.

  15. princess tweep (Post author)

    @ jim, janet and brent. Thanks so much for stopping by! And, Janet, absolutely, you’ll be famous in no time…Guaranteed! 🙂

  16. Michelle Mangen

    LOL and I actually thought it was true (until I clicked through to the link of course and found the sad, abused and used kitty cat!)

    Stopping here to peruse your site after seeing it listed at @DannyBrown’s site 🙂


  17. Elayne

    LOL I could hear the voice saying but wait there is more!! I have bookmarked this and am looking forward to some more funny posts, helps you keep everything in perspective really.

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