Princess Tweep Returns to Corporate America

In an astounding development, Princess Tweep was finally released from Tweehab and contrary to all expectations has taken the unusual step of returning to Corporate America.

“I feel it’s for the betterment of my twibe — I’m setting an example to all who follow in my footsteps and taking a practical approach in 2010.  We’re dealing with a down economy and I need to help support the tax base of the twibe.  I urge all my fellow tweeple to go back to work, even if it means having to get up at the crack of dawn on a regular basis.”

Bystanders say that Tweep spent a lot of time reading the Wall Street Journal while in Tweehab and that given her delicate condition, it’s not surprising that she sold out to work for “the man.”

Tweep counters that argument by saying that she had plenty of time to read Vanity Fair while in Tweehab not just the WSJ, and that, for the record, she is working for “the woman” not “the man.” Big Difference. Further, this new endeavor should help her control her tweeting habit because, after all, in Corporate America people are working not tweeting.

In any event, throngs of twibes tweeple lined the street to wish her success in her new venture.

Initial reports from the front lines are right in line with expectations:

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  1. Leslie

    Princess Tweep, I knew you would triumph through your tweehab. I have no doubt that you will be in the corner office in no time. Best of luck to you in your new role – I’m very excited that you are a corporate big wig now.

  2. Sprite

    Silliness, as always. And why I love you.
    Good luck in Corporate. If you need help telling them how to do it, let me know. I’ll make myself available. (but only because it’s *you*!)


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