the anatomy of a google buzz crisis


  1. Seth Lipkin

    From Woody Allen’s “Bananas”:

    “All citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside. So we can check.”

  2. Melissa DelGaudio

    HA! This about sums it up, all right!! What does your can know about screwing the ol’ pooch?

  3. @GizaMike

    That does about sum it up. “#stfu and feed me” lmao.

  4. princess tweep (Post author)

    @seth @melissa @gizamike thanks for weighing in! see you on Google Buzz!

  5. Leslie

    PT – did you really wear the same dress on Day 2 and 3? That’s not very princess-like. But I love the cartoons, perhaps you were too engrossed in creativity to worry about such mundane matters.

  6. princess tweep (Post author)

    hey @leslie no comments from the peanut gallery! 🙂 following all the google buzz action was very time consuming. i was working 24/7 with no time to change!

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