Google Releases gSpot Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Google Releases gSpot Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Despite current events, world happiness now at an all time high

For Immediate Release

February 14, 2010

It’s been a big week for Google. In the wake of Google Buzz (For Those Who Don’t Like Privacy™), and Google Fiber (Keeps the World Going and Going and Going™) Google released yet another powerhorse app to its growing suite of products.

This geolocation application, aptly named gSpot, was released this morning, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  gSpot shares a woman’s gSpot coordinates with all followers and automatically provides real time updates across all the major social networks and by text message.  By default it’s fully integrated with Gmail, Google Reader, and Google Buzz.

The gSpot site was intermittently down today as droves of women flocked to the site to claim the locations of their gSpots, while men set out to follow as many women as possible.

So far no concerns about privacy have been reported. In fact, women across the globe were thrilled to share this information.

Here are some quotes:

“It’s about time Google came out with something like this. It’s been a long, dry road up to now.”

“I finally have a chance for true satisfaction. Thanks Google.”

“If this is what social networking is all about, then count me in!”

Reaction from the men was equally as enthusiastic.

“This takes out the guesswork and saves time. It’s a win-win”

“What a great concept. It’s like gSpot for dummies. Ha Ha.”

“My home life has been SO much better after we tried gSpot. What a difference!”

In less than a day, the number of gSpot users has surpassed the number of Facebook users, proving that there is still plenty of room for another social network.



  1. Clueless Guy

    I… I can’t find it! 🙁

  2. Claude

    Love it!! 🙂

  3. Willieg

    Google wants to take over twitter and facebook?
    I don’t Know…You tell me!;-)

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